Fishing Tackle

What You Need In Your Fishing Tackle Box

technology-vibrationEvery fisherman should keep a well stocked fishing tackle box. Most boxes contain a variety of lures, nets, hooks, floats, sinkers, and lines to switch in and out when a line breaks or fishing conditions change. Fishermen have been referring to their equipment as tackle since the late 1300s. The tackle is used in combination with a fishing pole.


You need something that will last for a long time such as Delkims. Fishing alarms such as the Delkim alarms are high quality and very important for carp fishing.


Keep a variety of sizes available in your box at all times. Different hooks are effective for different weights of fish. The traditional J-hook comes in a wide variety of sizes for everything from a small blue gill to a large 120 pound catfish.

The earliest hooks were made from bone and tied to a string made from gut. Modern hooks are made from a wide variety of materials but most are made of metal with a barb on the end to set the hook firmly into the fish gullet. Fish line is made from strong nylon or polyethylene that will stand up to a strong fight.

Fishing Poles

The earliest fishing poles were made from supple tree branches but most are composed of flexible plastic materials now. A variety of reels may be attached to cast the line and bring the fish to the boat or shore. Poles have a variety of play in them. Fast acting rods bend only at the tip and allow for a great deal of control in landing the fish. Different poles can be used for different conditions but if the fish has too much weight or fight in them, the rod can actually snap in two.

Fishing Lures

Fishermen are in disagreement about which lures are the best to use. Many choose to use only live bait while others swear by artificial lures. The final criteria is the ability of the lure to attract fish.

Artificial lures are designed to mimic the natural food of the fish. Spoons are constructed to wave back and forth in the water much like a swimming tadpole or other small bait. They are frequently brightly colored to appeal to the visual. Other lures are constructed to move on the surface of the water to attract hungry fish in the spring.

Safety Equipment For Your Fishing Tackle Box

Your fishing tackle box should also contain band aids and disinfectants. Hook injuries are common and should be treated immediately to prevent infection. A sunscreen should be handy to prevent skin problems later on in life.