Don’t Throw Those Junk Flies Away

If you are like me, you sit down and tie as many of the same flies that you can tie that evening. Not all of the flies you tie will be perfect. So, you have tied some flies that would make any discerning trout roll over laughing.

Your first thought might be to just toss the flies. I do not toss them; I keep them for fishing for pan fish. These fish are plentiful and will bite anything. They are also useful in teaching youngsters how to fly fish.

The pan fish is great fun; they come in a variety of colors and sizes from pumpkin seed, spotted sunfish, green sunfish, blue gill, etc. They usually are small – I have caught a couple that were over a pound, but generally they are small. The pan fish running in schools are very easy to catch on a fly rod.

I will use all my less than perfect flies for this reason. Pan fish will bite anything, and on a fly rod they can still seem like you’re fighting Moby Dick. They are also great eating. I will fillet the bigger fish and barbecue them. They are a great little white fish and have an excellent texture for eating.

If you have a youngster that you want to teach fly fishing to, the pan fish is the best fish to teach the youngster to fly fish. They will have a nice feeling of accomplishment, because every time they cast a fly, they should get a bite. Pan fish are generally close to the top of the water, so they will see a swarm of fish around their fly.

You will not be angry when the youngster loses a fly, because the flies should have been thrown in the garbage. You can also fish for pan fish when all the other sport fish have taken cover during the heat of the day.


Carp fishing Tips: Improve your Carp Rig to recognize Inserts and Aborted Normally takes


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Where to Play Darts in New Jersey

For some, darts are a serious game and for others, darts are to play just for fun. Either way, it is a great way to get out of the house for the night or weekend, especially in the winter, since you can play darts indoors. Below, in no particular order, find some fun places to play darts in New Jersey.

Catch It, Grog N’ Grill
110 White Horse Pike
Oaklyn, NJ
Play a friendly game of darts at this sports grill and bar that also has Karoke nights, trivia nights, a DJ, live entertainment and more. Enjoy their food specials such as Monday Pizza night or Wednesday Prime Rib night.
Hours: 11:30am – 2am, Mon – Sat, and Noon – 2am Sunday

First and Ten Sports Pub
1961 Hamilton Avenue
Hamilton, NJ
A friend who lives in the area likes to go to this pub. They have a great bar-sports arena with a pool table, arcade bowling and a good dart board. The food and service is usually pretty good, and there are always beer and food specials on specific nights. Close to Trenton.
Hours: Noon – 2am, 7 days a week

Big Apple Sports Palace
412-414 Broadway
Bayonne, NJ
They have about 30 television sets, a big menu with anything you can think of (such as shrimp or a wrap or a burger) and sports such as pinball, shuffleboard and darts! They also cater and have great drink specials.
Open seven days a week.

The Jughandle Inn
1018 South Fork Landing Road
Cinnaminson, NJ
Besides “awesome wings” (their claim as well as local newspapers) and cheap drinks, this establishment is great for bar-sports players. They have shuffleboard, billiards and darts of course. Go there to watch football, have some American, bar food, get a cheap drink and play some darts for fun or start up a little competition.
Hours: 11am – 2am

Jersey Darts
202 Oakwood Avenue
North Haledon, NJ
Join the ABCD – Association of Bergen County Dartists . Find out where and when to play and what kind of competition there is. Most places just needyou to to sign up in advance to join and sometimes there is also a $10 entry fee. Check out places such as RD Benders in Hawthore for their Sunday Night Luck of the Draw or The Shannon in Hoboken where the bar matches 50% of the prize.

What You Need In Your Fishing Tackle Box

technology-vibrationEvery fisherman should keep a well stocked fishing tackle box. Most boxes contain a variety of lures, nets, hooks, floats, sinkers, and lines to switch in and out when a line breaks or fishing conditions change. Fishermen have been referring to their equipment as tackle since the late 1300s. The tackle is used in combination with a fishing pole.


You need something that will last for a long time such as Delkims. Fishing alarms such as the Delkim alarms are high quality and very important for carp fishing.


Keep a variety of sizes available in your box at all times. Different hooks are effective for different weights of fish. The traditional J-hook comes in a wide variety of sizes for everything from a small blue gill to a large 120 pound catfish.

The earliest hooks were made from bone and tied to a string made from gut. Modern hooks are made from a wide variety of materials but most are made of metal with a barb on the end to set the hook firmly into the fish gullet. Fish line is made from strong nylon or polyethylene that will stand up to a strong fight.

Fishing Poles

The earliest fishing poles were made from supple tree branches but most are composed of flexible plastic materials now. A variety of reels may be attached to cast the line and bring the fish to the boat or shore. Poles have a variety of play in them. Fast acting rods bend only at the tip and allow for a great deal of control in landing the fish. Different poles can be used for different conditions but if the fish has too much weight or fight in them, the rod can actually snap in two.

Fishing Lures

Fishermen are in disagreement about which lures are the best to use. Many choose to use only live bait while others swear by artificial lures. The final criteria is the ability of the lure to attract fish.

Artificial lures are designed to mimic the natural food of the fish. Spoons are constructed to wave back and forth in the water much like a swimming tadpole or other small bait. They are frequently brightly colored to appeal to the visual. Other lures are constructed to move on the surface of the water to attract hungry fish in the spring.

Safety Equipment For Your Fishing Tackle Box

Your fishing tackle box should also contain band aids and disinfectants. Hook injuries are common and should be treated immediately to prevent infection. A sunscreen should be handy to prevent skin problems later on in life.

Tzaneen Dam

The Tzaneen dam is truly one of the most majestic wonders in our country, nestled in the heart of nature and beauty, offering the whole family and the fisherman alike a glorious weekend away. The Tzaneen Dam falls under the management of the Department of Water Affairs and is actually a man made dam. It was built in 1976 however it blends in so well with nature that you would never believe it to be man built. It is situated in Limpopo, just outside Tzaneen and holds a capacity of around 157 million cubic meters of water.
The dam was initially created to supply water to the local farmers in the area for irrigation and it is around 1,163,6 hectares big. The dam receives its waters primarily from the Ramadiepa as well as the Groot Letaba rivers. For more information please visit my source site.

Tips For Tying Nail Knots

Tying nail knots by hand can be tough, and that is why many experienced anglers choose to utilize nail knot tying tools. These tools are incredibly simple, clever and simple to use, but not everyone is aware of their availability. The tool itself permits fishermen to get any type of fishing line tied to hooks, lures or leadcores with ease. Once tied, these knots never slip, even when used in a hair loop for a carp hair rig, and that is because the tag end fits underneath the wraps. The tie-fast knot tool is something nobody should be without.


If you are interested in fishing knots in general you should visit this nice site.

Improve your Carp Rig to recognize Inserts and Aborted Normally takes

Whenever you are out carp fishing, among the many problems you learn is telling the principle difference from a huge lining and also an aborted consider.

A median scenario goes like this: you might be with persistence awaiting a carp to obtain your bait, and away from the blue you receive a flurry of beeps out of your alarm and maybe even the top in the fishing rod starts to jerk and in addition you’re thinking that you’ve got got a seafood hooked. You happen to be positive demand has moved and hurrying in the direction of the fishing rod you with excitement strike into that which you count on to be a substantial carp nevertheless it actually operates out to become outside. You wind in, anxiously wishing to get maintain in the seafood but without having good results, you will find nothing at all in the end on the line. After this you examine the carp rig, examine the hook and issue what went down. I lately emerged by using a method to reinforce your carp rig that may describe for those who have have been created by using a massive lining or maybe an aborted consider.

How you can modify your carp rig

111 (29)For a while it has been broadly identified that adding a bit of plastic tube to slide within the shank from your hook and capture your hair can be used a telltale indication to stage whether a carp has blown the bait. Now which is all fine and dandy, I have attempted it but I have managed to maneuver on. I’m content making use of the functionality of my carp fishing rigs and I’d instead not change the genuine way it works. With my rig, the instant the carp accumulates cost, shakes its head or moves off, cost will disappear the plastic tube, slide in the future and be a operating carp rigs, thus stopping the carp by utilizing charge to swing the hook and delivering you with excellent chunk sign whichever way it swims.

Just what I began doing recently is departing the tail that is still left following I have tied the 5 flip double knot about 30-40mm prolonged. Then i slide the plastic tube within the end from the eye through the swivel which pushes the tail forwards for your swivel. Once I am ready and ready to go, I slide back charge from the plastic tube towards the mainline. I Swiftly go on and just take prolonged knot tail and poke it in towards the gap inside the heart in the inline direct through which the spot was after. Keeping the tail from the plastic tube, I lightly slide charge down yet again over equally tail and plastic tube to tarp the tail. Only do that with sufficient contentration to ensure that charge just grips the tube when held through the baits. This can be the way the rig will seafood, tail trapped ready for performing issues. In case your seafood accumulates the bait, shakes its head or moves off, cost 35mm slides off.

Understanding you might have experienced an aborted consider

Inside this example, condition that the hook wasn’t sharp adequate and even the seafood was just just nicked as well as the carp will get absent with. A pair of seconds afterwards, you strike into outside, catch and examine demand. When the tail has grown to be entirely uncovered, not-hidden if you need, you may know you’ve got been accomplished in addition to a rigorous inspection in the hook is necessary. Ultimately this: as soon as the guide 35mm slides again, the tail jumps out and kicks forwards considering that the plastic tube bends its back again to the swivel. All around the retrieve, demand 35mm slides down yet again inside the plastic and also the swivel, and stops the tail from re-entering the opening. So regrettably, you’ve experienced an aborted take, but no less than you may well be almost 100% certain that is certainly what it had been.

Recognizing it only agreed to get a sizable lining

In the subsequent instance, let us say a sturgeon or maybe a substantial catfish accumulates your traces utilizing its upper body and offers a spectacular small take. Charge will get pulled sideways inside the gravel because it is being drawn by means of the mainline. Demand isn’t going to get rid of connection with the plastic tube pressed throughout the swivel as it is currently being drawn over it. You hit that which you take into account to be a genuine take merely to come to feel no resistance. You wind in, examine demand as well as the telltale tail carries on to be nicely hidden in towards the direct. You’ve now learned it experienced grow to be merely a large lining, you’ve got held to redo the fishing rod nonetheless, you could possibly have wished to attain that in any case subsequent the lead and rig (notably the hook) come about to get pulled inside the bottom.

The important thing issue is always that you just know precisely what went down by searching while in the problem from the tail inside the lead so attempt it out another time you are out and don’t forget: cost never lies!

One of the easiest rigs to make is the Hair Rig and you can learn how to tie one by reading this great article.